sophiaaaaaaa answered your question: do you believe in spirits/ghosts?

yessa, do ewe?

uhm, not really. what triggered this question was a very strange encounter.

i was walking home with a friend of mine the night i posted that question, and as we were walking through campus, she started telling me about how “there’s ghosts in Boggs, man.”

as she proceeded to tell stories of hearing footsteps in empty hallways and the usual paranormal encounters you hear about, i remained skeptical & pondered all the possible logical explanations. next, though, she reported how a security guard was in the elevator once, and the doors wouldn’t close… as if there was a person standing in the way.

"all the lights in the buttons were off, and pressing the one with the two triangles pointing  inwards didn’t do anything," she recounted the story as it was told to her. "he had to ask her nicely to let them go."

something about the way she told this story hit me and successfully created the first sense of superstition. in an act of proclaimed denial to attempt to reclaim my skepticism, i declared, “i really don’t believe in that shit.” and just as i said that, i shit you not, uncontrollable chills ran down my spine, lasting for a long 17 seconds as we walked directly past the front of the Lindy Clairborne Boggs Center for Energy & Biotechnology.

i don’t know. i’m not superstitous. i still am doubtful. i hypothesize the chills were a self-inflicted “power of the mind” effect. but that shit was weird.