semi-annual resolution 2012: combat memory loss by documenting, journaling, photographing, recording, & sharing

i struggle with memory loss, and i’m sick of not being able to look back & remember what i did.

for example: i just got back from an unparalleled ultimate week-long vacation at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas last night. i had a blast, and while it’s still fresh, i can recall a healthy list of different bites of the vacation. but even still, i feel like it’s missing whole memories & experiences.

this isn’t just vacation amnesia, though. i know i’ve had a blast so far this summer, but i can’t recall anything specific. same applies to the rest of my life, childhood. it’s something i’ve always had, but i’ve been really frustrated with it recently.

resolution: document, journal, photograph, record, & share my life.
how? i haven’t quite worked it out yet. there’s so many different means- moleskine journal, notational velocity via simplenote lists, tumblr, facebook, instagram, wordpress.

i am going to do all of the above until i get into a good grove, but this tumblr will be the compilation of all of them. stay tuned.