I’m addicted to business magazines. Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fast Company. Does anyone read Entrepreneur Magazine? Worth a subscription?


Does anyone else wish Daft Punk released an instrumental version of Random Access Memories? I think it would sound better without vocals.


Shoutout to my girl, Google Reader. It was nice while it lasted. #breakups #googlereader #why


Here’s an offer my lady friends can’t turn down: if you volunteer to be my surrogate, I’ll buy you a push present AND send you on a baby moon.

How ‘bout them apples?


Congratulations, brothers and sisters. #DOMA #SuckItScalia


Music From & Inspired By Smurfs 2… best album of the year?


"Why do you care that I’m dead when you’re still afraid to live?"


I’m literally trapped inside of a plane at LAX. We couldn’t land at Orange County airport, so we were diverted to LAX. They can’t open the doors.


Mid-day Mid-City tandem kayaking


When Apple Inc. unveiled Passbook last September, many promises were made regarding future uses of the app. In the last 10 months, I’ve only used it as a boarding pass.

Where is Apple in the mobile payment game? When will those promises be fulfilled? When will Passbook replace my wallet?


When you unsubscribe from a mailing list, why do they send you an email confirming your unsubscription?


Have you ever wished for an endless night?


I started using my twitter just so I can follow Amanda Bynes. It’s like an adult version of The Amanda Show.


I hope everyone at today’s second line recovers completely. Who was there?


I think I’m a Demi Lovato stan.